Valhalla Video Summit Predictions from Last Year

Valhalla has a small annual Video Summit for our digital-media companies and some outsiders.  A half-day discussion on a series of topics.  Always interesting.

I was reviewing predictions made last year by the attendees for discussion this year.  Here are some which come due in 2011:

  • DVD sales are dead with post-theatrical movie business becoming 80% rental by 2011
  • Content will start unbundling and challenge the traditional business model in 2011 
  • Hulu doubles ad-weight from 2 to 4 ads per video, making it more like TV in 2011
  • Comcast/NBCU merger will usher in a new wave of consolidation of content + distribution players, starting in 2011

Anybody care to comment on how these will turn out by year-end?  Anyone care to weigh in on predictions for 2012??


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