Video as the New Text

I gave a talk in Atlanta last spring featuring some of my “hot things” for tech going forward.

This slide — a bit tongue-in-cheek, but fundamentally serious — tried to slice history into three eras, one pre-dating Gutenberg, one from Gutenberg to now, and one going forward.  The one going forward uses video a lot of places where we use text today.

Not implausible.  But what will go along with text?  I think sometimes the Enlightenment was predicated on following long text arguments rather than “short-form” video.  We’re certainly going to lose our privacy in the coming era.  Will we lose the whole Enlightenment sense of “self” as well?


One comment on “Video as the New Text

  1. revafe says:

    Interesting question. What would losing the “sense of self” look like? A Star Trek Next Generation vision of being assimilated into the Borg? No longer having a perception that I am an individual at all, simply a member of my tribe, my various communities, the larger human community? And how exactly might using video rather than the medium of long text arguments contribute to the loss of sense of self? (I understand how the loss of privacy and the indfference of digital natives to this as an issue might lead in that direction…)

    Not a sermon, just a thought. 😉

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