Thinking about “Consumerization of IT”

I’ve been doing a lot of writing — or at least content generation (I don’t think PowerPoint really counts as writing) — about mobile lately, or about the explosion of “new clients”, or about the consumerization of IT.  I’ll share the stuff here as it comes out.

Unfortunately, none of these terms does any justice to what’s going on.  I think we’re witnessing the end of the PC/client-server/desktop web era and the beginning of a new era.

What marks the new era (in no particular order)?

  • Diversity of clients
  • Portability of clients
  • Mobilization of “real” computing
  • Beginnings of ubiquitous computing (a meme where you control all the computing resources available to you by carrying an identity/authorization around with you in a mobile client of some sort)
  • Cloud-ification of the back end.
  • Rise of the cloud service provider
  • End of the mechanical disk drive
  • Big Data-fueled applications
  • Video as the “new text”

Very interesting.  More later.


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