Great audience and panel at #LeadingEdge2012

Great event in Atlanta this morning.  Big crowd, lots of energy, lots of questions, and one of the best panels I’ve been on in a while:

Dan Homrich (@TheRedWave), CEO Smartsoft Mobile solutions

Tiffany Trent, Director of Strategic Solutions at First Data

Tim Cannon, VP of Product Management at Jackson Healthcare

Caroline Van Sickle, CEO Pretty in My Pocket (PrIMP)

Good mix of B2C, B2B, security, payments, beauty, enterprise apps.

Here’s a pdf of my presentation (although it’s more Pinterest-like than textual):

Download this file



2 comments on “Great audience and panel at #LeadingEdge2012

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice presentation, I like the highly visual style, it’s a keeper. You’ve gotten into these apps ways more than I have.

  2. Dan Gordon says:

    It's just because I'm a B2C guy, rather than B2B.  See my post here on the two types of people.

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